Pricing Plans

Upgrade your plan to host multi-player games and engage participants with our experiential learning solutions.

Our simulations are perfect for both one-time events, such as a company seminar or an introductory course, as well as for ongoing training sessions or multiple lessons throughout the year, with all the flexibility you need.

Conference Plan

One-time payment for a single game experience, such as exceptional training sessions, corporate events and seminars.

Select the number of participants: 40


Beer Game

Up to 40 Participants

One-month access

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Pay via bank transfer

700 excl. tax

€17.5 per participant

Annual Plan

Host as many sessions as you need during one year. Perfect for recurring trainings, consultancy offers or multiple courses throughout the year.

Select the number of instructors: 1


Beer Game

Unlimited Participants

1 Instructor

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Pay via bank transfer

If you need to request approval before purchasing a plan, generate a quote here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer access for free?

Yes. With a Free account, you can create single-player games. This lets you discover the app freely by playing against the computer. To organize sessions with external participants, a paid plan is required. This helps us ensure maximum value for you while maintaining a sustainable business.

How many games can I create with each plan?

You can create any number of games. However for Conference plans we limit the number of simultaneous participants connected to your games (expect for the Conference Unlimited).

What happens when the maximum number of participants is reached?

When you reach the maximum, no more participant can connect. You can however manually disconnect participants from their current or past sessions by selecting the games from your Dashboard. It will allow other players to join.

Can I share my login with other instructors ?

No, this is against our terms and would cause unexpected side-effects. But note that anyone can go into one of your games as an observer! In case you need several persons from your organization to create and host games, consider purchasing an annual plan with several instructor seats!

Do you offer a trial period?

You'll be billed immediately after choosing a plan. However you can still receive a full refund within 7 days after payment. Simply drop us a line at [email protected]. Please note that refunds are only issued if you have not yet organized a successful live event.

If you would like to try multi-player games before making a decision, a trial period can be activated on an individual basis. To do so, please contact us at [email protected].

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with a credit or debit card for all plans. For Annual plans or Large/Unlimited Conference plans, we can generate an invoice payable by your company or university via bank transfer. To request an invoice, please contact us at [email protected].

Do you only offer conference or annual plans?

Yes. We hope that teachers and managers use the app for several occasions throughout the year — in classes, workshops, trainings, seminars, etc. We recommend Annual Plans in order to access and fully explore the full range of Zensimu’s features. If you really only need the app for a one-time event, we have you covered with the Conference plans.

What happens when my subscription ends?

When the period of your plan is over, no more participants will be able to connect to play your simulations. However, you will still be able to view all previously created games and reports. Subscriptions do not renew automatically, so you must purchase a new plan to extend your access.

Why are companies repeatedly using Zensimu vs other solutions?

Discover why companies prefer Zensimu over other online training tools for transforming their approach to supply chain challenges and lean manufacturing.

Easier to deploy and scalable

Easier to deploy and scalable

In 2 hours, you can setup a simulation contest game bringing 500 participants in 6 different regions.

More efficient

More efficient

Employees report an increase in their job performance after undergoing Game-Based Learning other physical or traditional training

The best Immersive Experience in the market

The best Immersive Experience in the market

Your employees are tired of basic presentations. Our modern Gameplay keep them engaged and learn faster.

More enjoyable for your employees

More enjoyable for your employees

Your employees will love using our manufacturing training games and they will have a better understanding of your Supply Chain and Lean challenges.

Unlimited sessions

Unlimited sessions

With Zensimu, you can create as unlimited game sessions as you want. Pricing is related to a maximum number of participants by session and host.

HEC and Michel Fender testimonial logo - Zensimu

"Zensimu games offer valuable advantages. I have used them several times for in-person or remote trainings - it worked quite well in all cases."

Michel Fender, Senior Advisor and Professor at HEC Paris

Bose testimonial logo - Zensimu

"We had a lot of fun! Playing the Beer Game made our seminar an unforgettable experience. It was so easy to organize and it had a very positive impact on all the teams."

Tom, Global Head of Commercial Supply Chain Operations, Bose

UCONN testimonial logo - Zensimu

"I use Zensimu games with large classes, it is an extremely valuable solution as a teaching tool!"

Craig, Professor, University of Connecticut

Festo testimonial logo - Zensimu

"Our remote trainings using Zensimu are a success, the experience is very enriching for participants."

Alessandro, Director, Festo Academy

Bocconi testimonial logo - Zensimu

"Zensimu games are an essential part of our MBA and Bachelor courses - gathering several hundreds of simultaneous students."

Giuseppe, Associate Professor of Procurement & Supply Management, SDA Bocconi

Efficio testimonial logo - Zensimu

"We use the app to educate our consultants. The competitive experience is fun and the lessons learned are applicable for a long time after!"

Louis, Senior Consultant, Efficio Consulting

Natura testimonial logo - Zensimu

"Really great games! We used them to explain supply chain and lean concepts in a few minutes only."

Gustavo, Supply-Chain Manager, Natura