Why Zensimu?

Zensimu creates engaging e-learning experiences for supply chain management, lean process understanding and continuous improvement.

University professors, supply chain managers, operational excellence directors and consultants all strive to engage and motivate their teams, boost collaboration and communication, and effectively reinforce learning.

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Well designed and executed game experiences is a tried-and-true way for academic and professional instructors to meet these objectives all at once.

Having access to digital simulations dramatically reduces setup time and provides more realistic, immersive and interesting scenarios while automatically producing statistics for post-game analysis and instruction.

Zensimu was founded with all this in mind.

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We develop games that seamlessly integrate into any lesson or training program, such as:

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Introducing basic supply chain concepts, such as the Bullwhip Effect

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Leading marketing seminars on the importance of Sales and Operations Planning

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Training production planning teams on Lean Process fundamentals

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And much, much more!

Our Solution

The Zensimu difference

With our background in supply chain management, lean manufacturing, and our interest in creating enjoyable learning experiences, our game development follows strong user-centered guidelines.

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Easy to start, easy to play

Our intuitive platform enables instructors to set up their games in a flash.

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User-friendly interface

Both beginners and more senior-level participants can quickly start playing and immerse themselves in their team roles.

Self-service and customizable insight icon

Self-service and customizable

Instructors need no technical expertise to set up and launch our games in both default or custom settings.

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Extensive post-game analytics

Our games automatically generate exportable reports and stats for instructors to debrief players and reinforce lessons.

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Games for targeted skills development

We design our simulations to aid professors, managers and consultants to develop industry-specific skills — including, but not limited to →

Discover our games

Beer Game Visual

Beer Game Visual - mobile

Beer Game Round Logo

Beer Game

Supply chain simulations where players manage supply and demand in various roles along the chain.

Discover key supply chain concepts and the importance of collaboration.

Lean Game Visual

Lean Game Visual - mobile

Lean Game Round Logo

Lean Game

Factory simulations where players act as workers and face production process challenges.

Learn and use Lean Six Sigma tools to review and improve performance.