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Zensimu simulation - Supply chain and lean operations - 4 players

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Play, Collaborate, Compete, Learn, Improve, Play again!

Fun and practicality are at the core of each Zensimu game.

Rated 9.3/10 by our customers since 2022 (149 survey respondents).

Computer based game session with 5 players looking at the screenComputer based game session with 5 players looking at the screen

Beer Game collaboration of 4 players at various rolesBeer Game collaboration of 4 players at various roles

Beer Game round logo

Beer Game

Supply chain simulations where players manage supply and demand in various roles along the chain.

Discover key supply chain concepts and the importance of collaboration.

Lean Game - Players work on assembly lineLean Game - Players work on assembly line

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Lean Game

Factory simulations where players act as workers and face production process challenges.

Learn and use Lean Six Sigma tools to review and improve performance.

Explore how Zensimu solves industry challenges

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For Businesses

Illustrate complex supply chain and boost operational efficiency, decision-making, and teamwork, more effectively, swiftly than any other training solution.

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Corporate seminars, team-building events

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Onboarding & Continuous improvement Programs

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Strategic Planning meetings

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For Educational institutions

Teach quickly and easily complex Supply Chain and Lean principles, with up to 600 students, for a more captivated and engaged audience!

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Introductory courses & Business programs

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Hands-on work on simulated environments

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Inter-university & Inter-college contests

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Zensimu client - NYU
Zensimu client - SDA Bocconi

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For Consulting

The first immersive lean & supply chain simulation for unleashed consultant trainings, client demos, training programs and project kick-offs.

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Client Kickoff Project Meetings

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Certification courses in Supply Chain & Lean Six Sigma

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Sales Pitches & Demos

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What you get when you play Zensimu games

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Engagement & Motivation

Immerse participants in competitive “high-stakes” scenarios that only serious games can provide.

Icon develop stars

Development & Reinforcement

Supplement practical skills development with simulations designed to make lessons stick.

Icon idea bubble

Awareness & Anticipation

Increase understanding of common challenges and behaviors impacting performance and flexibility.

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Collaboration & Improvement

Engage teams around global objectives and instill a continuous-improvement mindset.

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Watch students or trainees enjoy the lessons at hand in a fun and entertaining environment.

Discover all the benefits and learnings

We develop games with both players and instructors in mind

Zensimu developers work in a continuous client feedback loop, consistently providing new features and improving the gaming experience for all.

Live Game Session with 4 persons discussingLive Game Session with 4 persons discussing

Icon dashboard check

Easy to start, easy to play

Our intuitive platform enables instructors to set up their games in a flash.

Icon multilingual

User-friendly and multilingual interface

Both beginners and more senior-level participants can immerse themselves in their roles. Our games are available in English, French, Spanish and German.

Icon customize

Self-service and customizable

Instructors need no technical expertise to set up and launch our games in both default or custom settings.

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Complete Immersive Experience

Complete Immersive Experience

Our Beer Game delivers the market's most immersive experience, making supply chain learning faster and more effective

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Extensive post-game analytics

Our games automatically generate exportable reports and stats for instructors to debrief players and reinforce lessons.

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HEC and Michel Fender testimonial logo - Zensimu

"Zensimu games offer valuable advantages. I have used them several times for in-person or remote trainings - it worked quite well in all cases."

Michel Fender, Senior Advisor and Professor at HEC Paris

Bose testimonial logo - Zensimu

"We had a lot of fun! Playing the Beer Game made our seminar an unforgettable experience. It was so easy to organize and it had a very positive impact on all the teams."

Tom, Global Head of Commercial Supply Chain Operations, Bose

UCONN testimonial logo - Zensimu

"I use Zensimu games with large classes, it is an extremely valuable solution as a teaching tool!"

Craig, Professor, University of Connecticut

Festo testimonial logo - Zensimu

"Our remote trainings using Zensimu are a success, the experience is very enriching for participants."

Alessandro, Director, Festo Academy

Bocconi testimonial logo - Zensimu

"Zensimu games are an essential part of our MBA and Bachelor courses - gathering several hundreds of simultaneous students."

Giuseppe, Associate Professor of Procurement & Supply Management, SDA Bocconi

Efficio testimonial logo - Zensimu

"We use the app to educate our consultants. The competitive experience is fun and the lessons learned are applicable for a long time after!"

Louis, Senior Consultant, Efficio Consulting

Natura testimonial logo - Zensimu

"Really great games! We used them to explain supply chain and lean concepts in a few minutes only."

Gustavo, Supply-Chain Manager, Natura

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