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Teach Lean principles with our visual multiplayer factory simulation

Engage participants through an immersive competitive game, teaching them how to apply Lean Six Sigma techniques and see their impact on the bottom line.

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Beer Game model of Supply chain - Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor and Manufacturer

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Icon - Lean 6 sigma pyramid

Introduce and reinforce collaborative methods, such as Lean Six Sigma, for reducing waste and achieving operational excellence.

The Object of the Lean Game

The aim of the game is for players to complete individual tasks within a factory to produce units.

The overall team has to deliver finished goods to customers on time.

The teams play several rounds, adding incremental improvements to reduce waste and improve operations.

→ Play to learn key insights into lean processes, such as:

Lean game - Workshop Operations with 3 playersLean game - Workshop Operations with 3 players

Icon Spaghetti diagrams

Spaghetti diagrams

Icon just in time

Just-in-time and Kanban

Icon batch sizes

Reducing batch sizes

Icon balance workload

Balancing Workload

Icon jidoka

Self-inspection (Jidoka)


Reducing change-over (SMED)

Icon Heijunka

Demand levelling (Heijunka)

Icon poka yoke

Mistake-proofing (Poka-Yoke)

What is the impact of Lean Game?

+40% in Retention Skills

+40% in Retention Skills

Our Game-Based learning tools tremendously improve memorization and increase learner engagement

50% faster

50% faster

Employees trained using our digital solutions complete their training faster, with less setup and data-collection time

-50% in training costs

-50% in training costs

Companies can reduce their costs by up to 50% when hosting learning sessions autonomously with our platform

+63% efficient

+63% efficient

63% of employees report an increase in their job performance after undergoing Game-Based Learning training.


Step 1

Setting Up a Game

Instructors have an extensive set of features and options for creating a custom Lean Game.

Icon Lean layout

Customize game layout, products and customer demand.

Icon Lean rounds

Set multiple rounds with incremental improvements to impact performance.

Icon players and computer

Adapt and adjust scenarios depending on number of players or allow the Computer to play unfulfilled roles.

Lean Game - Scenario definition and setupLean Game - Scenario definition and setup
Lean Game - Painting stationLean Game - Painting station


Step 2

Hosting and Gameplay

Once set up, invite participants into the “factory” and let the games begin!

Icon gear

Provide in-game onboarding to prepare players for each role.

Icon JIT

Players play each role using the mouse and under time pressure.

Icon experience

Allow players to experience and discover production challenges on their own.


Step 3

Debriefing and Discussion

Even when the game is over, the learning is just beginning! Review automatically generated post-game analysis and statistics.

Icon chart

Check out data from various angles and formats, such as bar graphs, PDF, etc.

Icon checklist

Compare the performances of different stations, teams and rounds.

Icon average line

Introduce key lean concepts, such as Takt Time, SMED, Kanban, Just-in-Time, etc.

Lean game debriefing charts - Balance the workload vs. takt timeLean game debriefing charts - Balance the workload vs. takt time

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"Zensimu games offer valuable advantages. I have used them several times for in-person or remote trainings - it worked quite well in all cases."

Michel Fender, Senior Advisor and Professor at HEC Paris

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"We had a lot of fun! Playing the Beer Game made our seminar an unforgettable experience. It was so easy to organize and it had a very positive impact on all the teams."

Tom, Global Head of Commercial Supply Chain Operations, Bose

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"I use Zensimu games with large classes, it is an extremely valuable solution as a teaching tool!"

Craig, Professor, University of Connecticut

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"Our remote trainings using Zensimu are a success, the experience is very enriching for participants."

Alessandro, Director, Festo Academy

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"Zensimu games are an essential part of our MBA and Bachelor courses - gathering several hundreds of simultaneous students."

Giuseppe, Associate Professor of Procurement & Supply Management, SDA Bocconi

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"We use the app to educate our consultants. The competitive experience is fun and the lessons learned are applicable for a long time after!"

Louis, Senior Consultant, Efficio Consulting

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"Really great games! We used them to explain supply chain and lean concepts in a few minutes only."

Gustavo, Supply-Chain Manager, Natura

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