Aerospace Supply Chain

Duration: 2h Rounds: 2
Aerospace Supply-Chain - Round 1 Aerospace Supply-Chain - Round 1
Aerospace Supply-Chain - Round 2 Aerospace Supply-Chain - Round 2

Round 1: Default Scenario

Embark on a journey through the intricate aerospace industry with our Aerospace Supply Chain simulation!

Key learnings:

Bullwhip effect Extended Supply Chain Synchronized Planning

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What is the Aerospace Supply Chain Simulation?

The Aerospace Supply Chain Simulation is an interactive tool designed to mirror the complexities and dynamics of the aerospace industry supply chain. It offers a deep dive into an 8-stage supply chain, each stage representing a pivotal part of the aerospace manufacturing process.

From the Tier 2 Supplier, who provides the foundational materials, to the Tier 1 Supplier, Components Plant, Quality Control, Assembly Line, Finishing Line, Delivery Center, and all the way to the Airline, every role is crucial in this complex network.

This simulation encapsulates the challenges and decisions faced by professionals in the global aerospace logistics, providing insights into the intricacies of supply chain management aviation through a gamified learning environment.

Who is it for?

This simulation is tailored for professionals and students in the aerospace sector:

  • supply chain managers

  • Aerospace engineers

  • Logistics coordinators in aviation

  • Business strategists

  • Consultant for Aviation, Aerospace, Airline Industry

It serves as an invaluable educational tool for those looking to deepen their understanding of aviation logistics and the operational pressures within the aviation supply chain. By engaging with this simulation, participants can improve their skills in strategic planning, decision-making, and crisis management within the context of the aerospace industry.

Through the Aerospace Supply Chain Simulation, participants will master essential skills:

  • Bullwhip Effect: Understanding how small demand shifts can lead to significant impacts across the supply chain, emphasizing the need for accurate demand forecasting in the aerospace sector.

  • Extended Supply Chain: Recognizing the complexity of the aerospace supply chain that includes all players from raw material suppliers to end consumers, highlighting the importance of comprehensive supply chain visibility.

  • Synchronized Planning: Learning the critical role of aligning operations and schedules across the supply chain to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve service levels in the aerospace industry.

These insights equip participants with practical skills to navigate and optimize the aerospace supply chain effectively

When to use this Aerospace Supply Chain template?

The Aerospace Supply Chain template is most beneficial during training sessions, educational courses, and team-building exercises. It is an excellent tool for introducing new employees to the complexities of the aviation supply chain or for refining the strategic thinking of existing teams. The simulation is also ideal for use in academic settings, providing students with a practical application of supply chain theories and logistics management principles in the context of the aerospace industry.

How to use it?

To effectively use the Aerospace Supply Chain Simulation, participants should first familiarize themselves with the basic concepts of supply chain management and the specific challenges of the aerospace industry.

The simulation can be run in teams or individually, where participants take on roles within the supply chain, from suppliers to manufacturers and logistics providers.

Decisions made at each stage affect the overall performance, illustrating the importance of coordination, forecasting, and adaptability in aviation logistics. Feedback and debrief sessions are crucial after each simulation round, allowing participants to discuss strategies, outcomes, and lessons learned, thereby enhancing their understanding and application of supply chain principles in the real world.

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Aerospace Supply-Chain - Round 1 Aerospace Supply-Chain - Round 1