Smartphone E-Commerce

Duration: 2h Rounds: 2
Smartphone E-Commerce Supply Chain - Round 1 Smartphone E-Commerce Supply Chain - Round 1
Smartphone E-Commerce Supply Chain - Round 2 Smartphone E-Commerce Supply Chain - Round 2

Round 1: Default Scenario

Experience the difficulties of managing overseas supply in the context of e-commerce distribution

Key learnings:

Lead time variability Overseas supply E-Commerce Promotions

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What is the Smartphone Supply Chain Simulation?

The Smartphone/E-Commerce Supply Chain Simulation is an interactive, educational tool designed to mimic the complexities and challenges of managing a consumer-electronics e-commerce distribution channel. It offers users a hands-on experience in navigating the intricate logistics and decision-making processes involved in the delivery of smartphones.

Who is it for?

This simulation is ideal for professionals and students in the consumer-electronics industry:

  • E-Commerce supply chain management specialists

  • Procurement professionals who need to manage overseas/freight shipments

  • Operations, sales and marketing departments

It provides valuable insights for anyone involved in or learning about e-commerce supply chains, from procurement to distribution.

When to use our Smartphone E-Commerce Deliveries template?

The simulation should be used in training sessions, educational courses, and strategy workshops to enhance understanding of supply chain management in consumer-electronics business units. It's particularly beneficial for:

  • New employee onboarding to introduce them to e-commerce and overseas supply practices.

  • Team development exercises to foster better collaboration and decision-making.

  • Academic settings to complement theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

How to use the E-Commerce Supply Chain template?

Participants engage with the simulation by assuming roles within the consumer-electronics sector, making decisions on procurement, inventory management, distribution, and crisis response. The simulation provides real-time feedback, allowing users to see the consequences of their actions and adjust strategies accordingly.

Key Learnings

The simulation offers deep insights into critical aspects of supply chain management for consumer-electronics, including:

  • Bullwhip Effect: Understanding how demand fluctuations impact the entire supply chain, leading to inefficiencies.

  • E-Commerce supply: highly promotional and competitive context (eg. "black friday") with a need to keep delivery times low.

  • Lead times variability: In the context of overseas supply, we often have a hard time knowing the precise date shipments will arrive at ports.

These skills are essential for effectively managing e-commerce supply chains, ensuring that medical facilities are stocked with the necessary supplies without incurring unnecessary costs or inefficiencies.

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Smartphone E-Commerce Supply Chain - Round 1 Smartphone E-Commerce Supply Chain - Round 1