About us

Play. Collaborate. Compete. Learn. Improve. Play again.

Zensimu develops digital games designed for multiplayer on site or remote educational and training experiences. Our immersive simulations focus on supply chain management, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement with the aim to engage and entertain participants, develop individual business skills and foster collaborative cultures.


Universities, corporate management and consultancies alike seamlessly integrate our games into their learning or training sessions. It’s as simple as signing up and creating an account on the Zensimu platform, selecting the right game, inviting participants to play and analyzing the results.

They boost their learning experience using our simulations:


A brief history of Zensimu

Founder Mathias Le Scaon is a graduate of Industrial Engineering and worked for many years in supply-chain management roles. He has observed the entire learning process — from university intro courses to corporate senior management roles — of supply chain logistics and collaboration, as well as general industry-wide lack of comprehension on Lean principles.

He also acutely remembers that some of his best learning experiences in his academic and professional career occurred when lessons were “gamified”. On the other hand, Mathias noticed that these games have largely been in “physical” formats requiring manual setup and organization — a long and tedious process for instructors.

By 2015, Mathias had developed two award-winning PC games before creating The Beergame App, a 100%-remote web application based on the original Beer Distribution Game developed by MIT Professor Jay Forrester in 1961.

By 2020, the application had undergone several rewrites to become a feature rich, fully automated e-learning game experience used by dozens of universities, companies and consultancies around the globe.

In 2022, under the new company name, Zensimu, the team launches the Lean Game, a new simulation helping players learn about Lean principles and how to apply them in real life