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Beer Game model of Supply chain - Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor and Manufacturer

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Zensimu client - EY

Zensimu client - Bose

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Zensimu client - Airbus

Zensimu client - EY

Zensimu client - Bose

Zensimu client - Sanofi

Zensimu client - Philips

Zensimu client - Efficio

Zensimu client - FESTO

Zensimu client - Belterra

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Companies, universities and consultants alike use our online beer game simulation to meet a wide range of objectives — from reproducing real challenges within supply-chain processes to optimizing an organization’s overall performance.

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Students and trainees learn new business and team management skills by participating in a fun and engaging serious game experience.

We are the go-to solution for several reasons

Easy to start, easy to play

Our intuitive platform enables instructors to set up their games in a flash.

User-friendly and multilingual interface

Both beginners and more senior-level participants can immerse themselves in their roles. The game is available in English, French, Spanish and German.

Self-service and customizable

Instructors need no technical expertise to set up and launch a session in both default or custom settings.

Extensive post-game analytics

Our Beer Game automatically generate exportable reports and stats for instructors to debrief players and reinforce lessons.

This isn't a drinking game, so why is it called the Beer Game?

The name is derived from a classic role-playing game developed at MIT in the 1960s.

Professors at the time found that they could grab university students’ attention more effectively by calling it The Beer Distribution Game.

Our beer games can be white-labelled, so whether you trade in aircraft parts or smartphones, you can customize The Beergame App to your specific widget, industry and audience.

The Object of the Beer Game

The aim of the game is to fulfill requests at each stage of the supply chain in order to meet the overall demand of end customers.

Players are assigned to a role in their specific industry. For example, in a beer supply chain simulation, participants play as either Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler, or Retailer.

Each role responds to order requests from the stage below and places orders for the stage above.

→ The resulting game experience provides insights into:

Illustration of players at various roles in a supply chain gameIllustration of players at various roles in a supply chain game

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Basic supply chain concepts

Stock, lead time, costs, orders, demand, etc.

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The Bullwhip Effect

Erratic demand variations, which increase up the chain

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Impact of various supply parameters

Visibility, batches, price fluctuations, etc.

Icon human idea

Effects of human behavior

How collaboration — or lack of — can impact overall performance


Step 1

Setting Up a Game

Instructors have an extensive set of features and options for creating a custom Beer Game.

Icon Dashboard

Customize the layout and scenario to fit your industry and lesson goals.

Icon customization

Configure the settings, such as lead time or game duration.

Icon files

Create copies and manage templates of your game for future events.

Visualisation of Beer Game stage with 3 participantsVisualisation of Beer Game stage with 3 participants

Start from a template

We propose several set of parameters to help you organize sessions faster. Choose based on your audience profile, learning goals and available time!

Beer Games Templates List Visual Beer Games Templates List Visual
Dashboard to invite and host easily gamesDashboard to invite and host easily games


Step 2

Hosting and Gameplay

Once your game is set up, you can send player invites and launch your game in a matter of seconds!

Icon share

Invite as many as several hundred players with a simple click of the “Share Away!” button.

Icon card

All onboarding and instructions automatically await players entering the game.

Icon discount

Announce surprise events, like a seasonal promotion, encouraging players to cooperate and adapt to common supply chain challenges.


Step 3

Debriefing and Discussion

Even though the game is over, the learning is not! Review automatically generated post-game analysis and statistics.

Icon chart

Utilize the analytics in the format of your choice — graphs, charts, PDF, Excel.

Icon zoom

Compare individual and team performances at each game round.

Icon discuss

Stimulate discussion and reinforce key learning objectives in the debriefing.

Debriefing and Charts available for successful learningDebriefing and Charts available for successful learning

Go deep with our Beer Game Instructor Guides

Learn how to get started, access PowerPoint templates and get pro tips on hosting successful supply simulations.

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"Zensimu games offer valuable advantages. I have used them several times for in-person or remote trainings - it worked quite well in all cases."

Michel Fender, Senior Advisor and Professor at HEC Paris

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"We had a lot of fun! Playing the Beer Game made our seminar an unforgettable experience. It was so easy to organize and it had a very positive impact on all the teams."

Tom, Global Head of Commercial Supply Chain Operations, Bose

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"I use Zensimu games with large classes, it is an extremely valuable solution as a teaching tool!"

Craig, Professor, University of Connecticut

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"Our remote trainings using Zensimu are a success, the experience is very enriching for participants."

Alessandro, Director, Festo Academy

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"Zensimu games are an essential part of our MBA and Bachelor courses - gathering several hundreds of simultaneous students."

Giuseppe, Associate Professor of Procurement & Supply Management, SDA Bocconi

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"We use the app to educate our consultants. The competitive experience is fun and the lessons learned are applicable for a long time after!"

Louis, Senior Consultant, Efficio Consulting

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"Really great games! We used them to explain supply chain and lean concepts in a few minutes only."

Gustavo, Supply-Chain Manager, Natura

Everything you need to know about the Beer Game!

What's the Beer Game simulation?

The Beer Game is an experiential learning exercise originally developed at MIT in the 1960s to illustrate the complexities of supply chain management. It's a role-play simulation game where participants manage a supply chain consisting of a brewery, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer. The objective is to meet customer demand for beer while minimizing costs and avoiding inventory backlogs or shortages.

What are the use cases of a Beer Game simulation?

The Beer Game is widely used in business schools and corporate training programs to teach the principles of supply chain management, demonstrate the impact of system dynamics, and highlight the importance of effective communication in managing complex systems. It's also employed in team-building exercises to improve decision-making skills and collaboration among team members.

Does the online beer game is better than on paper or in physic?

The online Beer Game offers several advantages over its physical counterpart. It allows for broader accessibility, enabling participants from different locations to join in. The digital format provides enhanced data tracking and analysis capabilities, and it's scalable for larger groups or multiple sessions. However, the choice between online and physical versions depends on specific learning objectives and the available resources.

How to make the best Beer Game Strategy?

The best strategy in the Beer Game involves effective communication, collaborative planning, and a keen understanding of supply chain dynamics. Participants should focus on maintaining a balance between supply and demand, anticipate potential delays, and avoid overreacting to backlogs or stockouts. Continuous learning and adapting strategies based on game progress are crucial for success.

Which professional should implement the Beer Game?

The Beer Game can be implemented by educators, corporate trainers, business consultants, and managers seeking to enhance their team's understanding of supply chain management. It's especially beneficial for professionals in operations, logistics, procurement, and strategic planning.

What supply chain principles are the Beer Game help to explore?

The Beer Game helps explore several key supply chain principles, including the bullwhip effect (where small changes in consumer demand cause larger fluctuations upstream in the supply chain), inventory management, lead times, the impact of communication and collaboration across the supply chain, and the challenges of forecasting and meeting customer demand.

Can I customise the Beer Game: Currency, vehicle, logo, company name?

Yes, you can customise our Beer Game to your brand’s colors! By customising the Beer Game with your logo and colors, participants will project themselves as if they were managing your company's actual supply chain

How many players can we add?

It's unlimited! You can also add multiple organisers: essential for handling large group sessions, facilitating learning and debriefing or for those who don’t feel comfortable hosting a session on their own

Can we try Beer Game before paying?

Yes of course, you just need to schedule a Demo with us!