The Beer Distribution Game

Duration: 2h Rounds: 2
The Beer Distribution Game - Round 1 The Beer Distribution Game - Round 1
The Beer Distribution Game Template - Round 2 The Beer Distribution Game Template - Round 2

Round 1: Default Scenario

Master the art of beer distribution with our engaging online game. Experience real-world supply chain challenges.

Key learnings:

Bullwhip effect Collaboration Sales and Operations Planning

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What is the Beer Distribution Game?

The Beer Distribution Game in Supply Chain is an immersive online simulation tailored for the beer distribution industry, based on the iconic MIT Beer Game. It's structured around a default scenario that unfolds over 20 weeks, featuring two distinct rounds to highlight the impact of visibility within the supply chain. Participants assume critical roles, including Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor, and Manufacturer, each pivotal to the game's strategic depth.

Who is it for?

This game is an essential tool for supply chain professionals, educational professors, and industry consultants. It's particularly suited for those within consumer goods sectors seeking a realistic simulation of supply chain dynamics and for academia, where the game can enrich master's or bachelor's level programs with practical insights.

When to use our Beer Distribution Game template?

The Beer Distribution Game is most effective in educational settings, corporate workshops, and strategic training sessions. It serves as a practical application of supply chain theories, making it an excellent resource for enhancing decision-making skills and comprehensive supply chain management's systemic nature.

How to Use It?

Players, representing different links in the supply chain from manufacturing to retail, navigate the game by making informed decisions on inventory and order management. The game's rounds, with and without supply chain visibility, challenge players to adapt their strategies in real-time, providing a hands-on learning experience.

The Beer Distribution Game Key Learnings

  • Bullwhip Effect: Demonstrates how minor demand variations can escalate through the supply chain, impacting overall efficiency.

  • Collaboration: Emphasizes the necessity of seamless communication and cooperation among all supply chain tiers.

  • Sales and Operations Planning: Highlights the importance of aligning production and distribution strategies with market demands to optimize supply chain performance.

These core learnings are instrumental in developing a thorough understanding of supply chain dynamics, offering valuable insights into strategic planning and operational excellence.

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