Healthcare Supply Chain

Duration: 2h Rounds: 2
Vaccine Supply Chain Template - Round 1 Vaccine Supply Chain Template - Round 1
Vaccine Supply Chain Template - Round 2 Vaccine Supply Chain Template - Round 2

Round 1: Default Scenario

Explore our Healthcare Supply Chain Simulation template to master logistics, improve collaboration, and optimize inventory in healthcare management.

Key learnings:

Bullwhip effect Collaboration MOQ Batch sizes

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What is the Healthcare Supply Chain Simulation?

The Healthcare Supply Chain Simulation is an interactive, educational tool designed to mimic the complexities and challenges of managing a healthcare supply chain. It offers users a hands-on experience in navigating the intricate logistics and decision-making processes involved in the delivery of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals from manufacturers to healthcare providers and patients.

This template presents a challenging 5-stage pandemic scenario, meticulously designed to reflect the high-stakes environment of vaccine distribution during a global health crisis. With heightened backorder costs and significant variability, players must navigate through the complex layers of supply chain management under pressure. This scenario demands strategic thinking and agile decision-making, as every choice has substantial implications.

Who is it for?

This simulation is ideal for professionals and students in the healthcare industry:

  • Healthcare supply chain management specialists

  • Hospital administrators

  • Pharmaceutical executives

  • Medical logistics manager

It provides valuable insights for anyone involved in or learning about the medical supply chain, from procurement to distribution.

When to use our Healthcare Supply Chain template?

The simulation should be used in training sessions, educational courses, and strategy workshops to enhance understanding of supply chain management in healthcare. It's particularly beneficial for:

  • New employee onboarding to introduce them to supply chain management healthcare practices.

  • Team development exercises to foster better collaboration and decision-making.

  • Academic settings to complement theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

How to use the Healthcare template?

Participants engage with the simulation by assuming roles within the healthcare supply chain, making decisions on procurement, inventory management, distribution, and crisis response. The simulation provides real-time feedback, allowing users to see the consequences of their actions and adjust strategies accordingly.

Key Learnings

The simulation offers deep insights into critical aspects of supply chain management for healthcare, including:

  • Bullwhip Effect: Understanding how demand fluctuations impact the entire supply chain, leading to inefficiencies.

  • Collaboration: The importance of coordination among all supply chain participants, from suppliers to healthcare providers.

  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ): The impact of order size on inventory levels and costs.

  • Batch Sizes: How production and delivery batch sizes affect supply chain performance and responsiveness.

These skills are essential for effectively managing the supply chain management health care challenges, ensuring that medical facilities are stocked with the necessary supplies without incurring unnecessary costs or inefficiencies.

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Vaccine Supply Chain Template - Round 1 Vaccine Supply Chain Template - Round 1