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Our supply chain simulation strengthens the education of thousands of students every month.

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Enrich your course with immersive multiplayer teaching games

No more consolidating and rework on Excel. No more cumbersome setup. No more trouble hosting large groups or remotely. No more worries about how to effectively kick off new semesters.

Deliver more knowledge

  • Allow students to experience the role of a supply chain manager.

  • Introduce key notions in Lean and Supply chain disciplines.

  • Let participants envison ways to improve operations.

  • Introduce operations management methods, tools and perspectives.

  • Customize games to fit your learning program and goals.

Motivate your audience

  • Raise the interest for your discipline from the start.

  • Make learnings stick thanks to a memorable competitive gameplay.

  • Compare results, elect winners and engage around global objectives.

  • Increase trust and credibility with a professional-looking experience.

Stimulate collaboration

  • Spark discussions and let students come up with their own solutions.

  • Show how teamwork and strategy can help reach better results.

  • Create and host effortlessly sessions for hundreds of teams.

  • Let students get to know each-other and promote mutual assistance.

"Zensimu games offer valuable advantages. I have used them several times for in-person or remote trainings - it worked quite well in all cases."

Michel Fender,Senior Advisor and Professor at HEC Paris

"I use Zensimu games with large classes, it is an extremely valuable solution as a teaching tool!"

Craig,Professor, University of Connecticut

"Zensimu games are an essential part of our MBA and Bachelor courses - gathering several hundreds of simultaneous students."

Giuseppe,Associate Professor of Procurement & Supply Management, SDA Bocconi