Make a connection with operational teams from the start.

An engaging gaming session is the perfect way to bring people together for better collaboration later.

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Supply-chain games for productive client relationships

Engage participants through immersive multiplayer supply-chain simulations to boost individual skills development, teamwork and continuous improvement.

No more Beer Games on Excel. No more cumbersome setup. No more trouble hosting large groups or remotely. No more worries about how to effectively and positively kick off client projects.

Game Value

  • Engage teams around global objectives and instill a continuous-improvement mindset.

  • Tackle a wide range of topics — from simple: forecasting, planning, inventory management — to complex: supply-chain design, strategy, organization, and more!

  • Set up and launch games in seconds.

  • Share games effortlessly with hundreds of participants.

  • Customize games within a particular industry context and branding.

Client Value

  • Help project members get to know each other in a fun and comfortable environment.

  • Increase understanding of common challenges and behaviors impacting supply-chain performance and flexibility.

  • Provide participants with fresh ideas and opportunities to help them reflect on their own business practices.

  • Help all departments identify potential risks and make better-informed decisions.

Internal Value

  • Establish great working relationships with clients.

  • Impress clients with the professional look-and-feel of Zensimu’s UX, increasing your credibility and their trust.

  • Better grasp and internalize client challenges.

  • Train your own consultants, help them level up, increase their self-confidence and performance.

"We use the app to educate our consultants. The competitive experience is fun and the lessons learned are applicable for a long time after!"

Louis,Senior Consultant, Efficio Consulting